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Transforming Culture and Community

In Auburn, California and Beyond


Our Story

Upper Room Community Church is a faith community devoted to the ways of Christ. We are inspired by the simple idea that we and our world can, and must be, transformed by Christ.

We aim to inspire change. We create environments that inspire conversations, stories and actions about lives and culture being changed. We are simple in our aim, uneasy with the status quo, and intentional in our actions.

We think Christ-inspired transformation joins spirituality and activism in a sacred union. We value the genius of the little word “and:”

While transformation inspires us, it also humbles us—those who believe in change must be changed. So, we pray. We worship. We immerse ourselves in the best practices of ancient and contemporary Christian spirituality. Slowly we are being transformed. We are more accepting, less judging. We are letting go of grudges. We are more unified. We think less often of our own comfort. We point more quickly to the greatness of Jesus and less often to ourselves.

We see that the world is not yet as it can be. We see darkness and evils that horrify us. We see children suffering from food insecurity. We see people dying from unclean water. We see families broken by poverty. We see women and children enslaved in sex trafficking. We know that there are people groups who have yet to hear of Jesus for the first time. We can no longer look the other way and keep wondering why someone doesn’t do something. We are moving into action. We are dreaming dreams of a transformed world and flooding our world with the good news that change is real, possible, and here.


Experience the Church

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What People Are Saying

Had a sweet time of cooperate prayer last night at church, feeling refreshed and inspired in God's love.

Jennifer Leard

I've been to quite a few churches in my day but NEVER one so loving and inviting as this! They are truly family.

Ramona Jones

Friendly and always a good message on Sunday mornings with pastor Gene.

Bill Burchfield


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Welcome to Our New Church

Everything's new at Upper Room Community Church: new website.

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Declaration of Praise

If we understand that our "living" can be an act of worship to God, then that should and needs to change everything!

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Vision Day

Vision Day // 1:30-3:30pm // in the Worship Center.

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Our Ministires



The experience of God opens up living space within us where we learn to be attentive to God and how to practice the ways of Christ. This experience kindles our spirituality and changes us.

  • Sabbatismos
  • Prayer Stations
  • Spiritual Classics
  • Baptism
  • Prayer



Where we connect with others and find a place to belong that satisfies our deep longing for home.

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Men
  • Women
  • Community Groups
  • Young Adults
  • Seniors

Beyond Us


How we who are being changed by Christ move into action, stand against darkness and evil and expand the gospel of in and beyond.

  • Food Insecurity
  • Clean Water
  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Blood Drive
  • Unreached People Groups