Sundays at Upper Room

We offer resources and community for a deeper life with Jesus.

Sundays at 10:15am
11730 Enterprise Drive
Auburn, CA 95603

What you'll find on sundays

You’ll find a community retrieving the ancient ways and practice of Christian spirituality.
You’ll find a sacred space and environment.
You’ll find people going to a prayer station throughout worship.
You’ll find a multigenerational community.
You’ll find the most current worship music and the songs of praise you sang as a child.
You’ll find seats gathered in the round.
You’ll find a community that loves to be together.
You’ll find a message from the Holy Bible — the book-like-no-other.
You’ll find us next door to the Auburn DMV.

WHAT to expect

We have taken time to think through what a healthy and safe environment feels like and looks like.
You will find no "we have all the answers" arrogance in our gatherings. We are all trying to learn all we can from God, from one another.
You'll find coffee, a casual setting, easy conversation--perfect for learning like never before.
You'll see prayer stations where you can light a candle, place a wail in our wailing wall, kneel at the cross.
You'll notice and hear laughter and see signs that people genuinely like one another.
You'll see people praying for one another, listening to one another.
You'll find the chairs gathered as much as possible into the round.

We have three worship teams who lead on various Sundays.
One team is a group of college and post-college students.
A second team is multi-generational.
A third team is a group of teen-agers.
All love Jesus and all love to worship.  

We feel free to draw on the newest and oldest songs of the church and everything in-between. Usually, each Sunday you'll find both.

You are welcome to sing. Words are projected onto screens so it is easy to sing along.
While we invited you to participate in singing, you are not required to sing.
People often stand while singing; some sit; some do both.
We are tethered to scripture. We believe scripture. We teach scripture. Every Sunday message is from scripture.


We encourage you to bring a Bible, but we also have Bibles for you. Many people use electronic Bibles on their devices to follow along.
We are committed to helping Americans begin reading the Bible again.

What version of the Bible do you use?
All translations.
You'll find the NIV, the NLT, the NKJV, the CJB (Complete Jewish Bible), the Message, the Amplified Bible, the ESV.
We use many translations for two reasons: 1) to understand the best intended meaning of a scripture, and 2) to facilitate ease of reading

Our pastor uses Prezi, a presentation software, to help us easily follow the message on Sundays.
Messages are recorded. You can find them uploaded later in the week on both our website and our church app.

Short answer: Absolutely!
In the middle of our messages, we often have intentional dialogue with our pastor about the scripture we are discussing.
Sometimes we have designed conversation with people around us to help us get more out of the scripture.
Sometimes people interrupt the message to ask for more information or for clarification of a point.
Sometimes people wait until after worship to pepper our pastor with questions. He loves that and takes them all.
You are welcome to ask questions, join the conversations, but you can also sit quietly and take it all in.  

If you decide to become part of the Upper Room community, you will be immersed in a community that prays.

There is always a formal prayer on Sunday of some kind.
Sometimes, just our pastor prays for the congregation.
Sometimes we name hurts and pains; we stop what we're doing and pray Jesus into those situations.
Sometimes we stop our singing or the message and pray because we sense God moving us to pray.
Sometimes we sit in silence and pray because we sense God nudging us to "be still" and listen.

There are various prayer stations around the edges of the worship center.
At any point before, during, or after worship you are welcome to use the prayer stations.
Sometimes, the prayer stations are built into the middle of the worship flow.

Almost every Sunday there is a prayer quilt that will be given to a person during the coming week to a person going through a crisis. We urge you before or after worship, or during worship. to stop at the prayer quilt table, pray for the person who will receive the quilt, and tie a knot after you pray. You'll find instructions to help you know exactly what to do.
Step One: Fill out a "Welcome Home" card when you are ready to take a next step.
Step Two: Use the "Welcome Home" card to sign up to receive our weekly e-newsletter. It will be delivered to your website each week.
Step Three: Join the ongoing Sunday Seminary taught by our pastor every Sunday at 9:00a.m. It will get you oriented to the world of spiritual growth.
Step Four: Sign up to get our pastor's spiritual formation newsletter at
Step Five:  As you get acquainted, there will be meals, hikes, groups, and serving opportunities to help you find your way deeper and deeper into the Upper Room community.

common questions

What are our goals for Sunday
The Upper Room is a spiritual-formation based community.
We are attempting to awaken hunger and thirst for more.
We are attempting to point out the pathway that leads to a deeper life with Jesus.
We are inviting you to join us in learning like never before about deeper transformation in a safe spiritual dwelling.

Do I have to be spiritually mature to get something from Sunday
None of us have arrived; all of us are "rookies" in terms of having it figured out; all of us are on the way and hungry for more.
You'll find people in all spiritual stages on Sundays.
Some are just starting the spiritual journey towards a deeper life with Jesus
Some are coming back to church after a long time away
Some are have traveled far into a deeper spiritual life with Jesus

What does Sunday include? 
Worship includes singing. Our singing is led by worship bands with keyboards, guitars, percussion. Words to songs are projected onto screens.
The message is biblical and conversational. Each Sunday we dig into a short section of scripture and see how it is relates to our life. There is usually a chance to ask a question or two.
You'll find three or four prayer stations around our worship room where you can reflect, pray, and commit your ways and sorrows to God.
You can use offering boxes or the giving kiosk to make an offering that supports our deeper life mission.
There is lots of community conversation before and after worship.

How long does worship last?
The worship gathering lasts about 75 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes.
11730 Enterprise Dr, Auburn, CA, 95603 (next door to the Auburn DMV)
There is plenty of parking in the front and rear of our gathering place on Enterprise Drive. 
Accessible parking spaces are near front doors. All other parking places are available on first-come basis.
Front entrances are in the front of the building, facing Enterprise Drive.

Any Sunday is a good first time to visit. But, visiting a church the first time is a full-blown cross-cultural experience. It can be very rewarding, but it can also make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. It is not uncommon to drive around the block several times and sit in the parking lot to see what the people going to church look like. We say that not to alarm you about our church community, but only because visiting a church for the first time is always is a very personal experience. We've all done it. We've had that "first visit" to Upper Room and we're glad we made that first visit. It has become our spiritual home and an important relational part of our lives. Here are some things that will help you navigate the first visit, and perhaps get more from the experience than anticipated:

  1. Expect to feel at least a little uncomfortable. Even if you read every page on our website, listened to some messages, checked out social media posts, you have never been there before. Even if you are very familiar with the style of worship, you have never been there before. So, no worries that at times you are not sure what is going to happen next.
  2. Expect to feel like an outsider at first. People will welcome you. But you have taken a huge step to enter into a group where people know each other. In time you will feel like you are part of the community, but, there is quite a learning curve. These steps will help cut against that "outsider" feeling:
    • Find the coffee, tea, and water--you can't miss it: it is in the room that opens up into our gathering room
    • Find the restrooms: there are two restrooms in the coffee area
    • Find your seat--the seats are arranged semi-circular. You can find a seat easily on either side of the room, or in the center section. 
    • If you bring children with you, come a little early to find the children's room and meet Lorri, our Kidz Church director. She will explain everything and make sure you and your child are comfortable that first Sunday.
  3. Expect to be offended by something. We are not intending to offend, but we will say as clearly as possible what scripture says. None of us are predisposed to agree easily and naturally with everything scripture says. We want it to say more about this or less about that. We want it to agree with us and our hot takes on almost anything. But scripture was not written to agree with us. It was written so that, as we understand it better, we begin to align our lives with it and agree with what it says. But, in the beginning of that journey, you might find yourself offended by something.

Feel free to email our pastor before your first visit. He will be happy to answer any of your questions and will look forward to meeting you on your first Sunday. Click HERE to send him an email.
Whatever you are comfortable in! 
Most people dress very casually, but you will fit in with your favorite style.
Our pastor usually wears denims and a sports jacket (no tie), but he is the only one with a sports jacket (!).
Your children will love it here. 
Kidz Church offers bible teaching, discipleship, laughter, hands-on learning, games with a purpose.
 Children get the best possible chance to find Christ as savior and experience an intentionally crafted opportunity for spiritual growth
designed especially for children who love story, technology, music, games, and mission.
Parents will love the safety and time that has been spent crafting a special environment just for children. Children will love the experience from beginning to end.

Kidz Church begins after the whole church gathers to sing praises to God, usually for 20-30 minutes. 
When the singing has ended, children are dismissed for Kidz Church and our children's director leads the children to Kidz Church.
As a parent, your comfort with our care of your child is everything, so you are welcome to join your child in Kidz Church anytime.
The Upper Room is a spiritual-formation based community. We have embraced a deeper-life mission, meaning that what we do is offer resources, experiences, and community for a deeper life with Jesus.
We are attempting to awaken hunger and thirst for more. We are attempting to point out the pathway that leads to a deeper life with Jesus.
We are inviting you to join us in learning like never before about deeper transformation in a safe spiritual community.

  1. Spiritual growth newsletter: Sign up to get our pastor's spiritual formation newsletter at You will discover daily articles about spiritual growth, spiritual practices, how to begin a spiritual journey, etc.
  2. Sunday Seminary: Every Sunday, at 9:00a.m., our pastor leads an intensive spiritual growth conversation about scripture, faith, theology, church history, etc.
  3. Scripture: Begin reading scripture. You will find how to get more from scripture when you read it by using an ancient reading method called Lectio Divina. We use this method in both Sunday Seminary and worship, so you'll pick it up as you join with us. But here is a thumbnail sketch of how to use lectio divina:
  • First, read a few verses. Read them several times. Expect God to draw your attention to one specific thing. 
  • Second, as soon as you are drawn to a word or phrase or word picture, quit reading everything else. Meditate on the treasure you have been shown. 
  • Third, start a conversation with God about what was revealed. God loves a good conversation and he'll honor every question you have. 
  • Last, sit in silence for a few moments, letting what you received soak deep into you.
  • Prayer: Join a prayer group, or come to a prayer night at the Upper Room to help you launch a conversational life of prayer with God.
  • Spiritual Growth Book Clubs: On occasion we read a book about spiritual growth and discuss what we are learning. Recently, we read The Practice of the Presence of God, by Brother Lawrence, and Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
  • Community: Spiritual growth is very personal, but it is not individualistic. It requires community who will encourage you, pray for you, accept you, and share life with you.

You'll find a carefully designed experience to help you grow. Here are a few we offer weekly and periodically:
  1. Monthly nights of prayer: Every second Tuesday of the month, we gather as a community to pray.
  2. Sabbath Hikes: We take advantage of our beautiful outdoor environment to lead you on hikes at the coast or in the mountains where you can breathe, sit in silence, read scripture
  3. Silent retreats: We gather for two or three hours a few times a year to just be still in God's presence and share with one another what we are receiving.
  4. Spiritual Growth Seminars: about once quarterly, we offer two-hour seminars in some aspect of spiritual growth and transformation.
  5. Food Drives. We are part of the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet that provides groceries for those at risk of food insecurity. From time to time, we do drives to help the food closet restock its grocery supplies.

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